• Utility Truck Power Inverters

    For over 25 years utilities, municipalities, and commercial fleets have turned to Dimensions for their mobile AC requirements. If the job is mission critical and time sensitive, Dimensions is the inverter that fleet professionals have relied on...

  • Military Power Inverters

    Battle tested and built to Military specifications, Dimensions delivers pure sine AC power to those who truly know the meaning of mission critical. We are proud to assist our soldiers as they serve and protect.

  • EMS Power Inverters

    Dimensions provides the AC advantage for first responders and emergency vehicles that simply have to get the job done. We all depend on them, and they depend on Dimensions.

  • Over The Road Power Inverters

    Over the road fleets rely on our inverters to power the comforts of home for their drivers. TV’s, Microwaves, heaters, air conditionaing to name a few. We deliver so they can keep those wheels rolling.

  • RV Power Inverters

    Our inverters deliver clean, durable AC power to the RV market that allows recreational enthusiasts access to all the comforts of home while on the road discovering the wonders of America.

  • Marine Power Inverters

    Boating and sailing becomes even more enjoyable with inverter powered entertainment equipment such as tv’s, stereo’s, games, and coolers. Both direct and solar current serve as power source as the proper inverter provides the required AC to bring...

  • Traffic Battery Backup Systems

    Dimensions Battery Backup Systems are designed to provide reliable power to your traffic signals, ITS cabinets, communication nodes and other equipment. Use Dimensions and keep your traffic flowing.